JournalMap is a scientific literature search engine that empowers you to find relevant research based on location and biophysical attributes combined with traditional keyword searches.

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JournalMap geotags articles based on their published study area descriptions and geographic coordinates to enable true location-based literature searching. For many studies, location information can be extracted automatically, but the lack of location reporting standards sometimes requires manual geotagging. We are constantly adding new content to JournalMap, but you can contribute to growing the JournalMap database by signing up and geotagging some of your favorite articles. You can also help by supporting the development and adoption of location reporting standards for journal articles.
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JournalMap makes it possible to search for literature from similar areas. For some topics, there have been few formal studies conducted in many parts of the world. However, research conducted in areas with similar environmental features can, in many cases, be relevant to these understudies regions. With JournalMap you can easily identify these areas and search them for published studies.
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The articles in JournalMap can be used to look at what, where, and how journals publish. For example, across all journals, almost three quarters of studies from the past 5 years reported geographic coordinates, but used eight different coordinate formats. Also, the geographic distribution of research is, not surprisingly, uneven, but some journals are more cosmopolitan in their published studies than others.
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